a slumber party in Krabi, Thailand

I mean, I guess we asked for it, booking a hostel by the name of ‘Slumber Party 2’ in Thai beach town, Krabi, but our experience was tourist with a capital t. Or T, I should say.

After being the only one of our little cohort on the late flight, I kept my friends waiting for a good couple of hours before finally landing to a small group (im)patiently waiting. This group *happened* to include one of my *favorite* people in the *world* (does that statement become more relevant and useful after actually having seen more bits of the world?) – an old friend from ye old high school days, a long long two years ago. But as a twenty-teen, two years feels like a lot and we did it justice, being all soccer mom-y and saying things like “ohmygosh so tell me, how’s your dear mother?” Just kidding. But the reunion felt oh so sweet and odd, being in Thailand and all.

We piled into a taxi and told him, trying not to giggle, that we were staying at Slumber Party at the Beach Hostel, 2. (because apparently Krabi needs more than one of these). Our arrival felt like a homecoming and by that I mean I got some distinctly frathouse vibes, taking my mind back to sweet memories (dreaded flashbacks – tomato, tomahto) of dear old USC fraternity row. We were, like, totally checked in, like, super quickly and settled into our cubbyholes apprehensively.


The next day, we took the recommended island hopping tour, description being: (this is verbatim) Lunch! 4 Islands! Snorkeling! Cliff Jumping! FREE BEER! and thought to assume the local attitude, local being bum tourists that had set out to find themselves in southeast Asia and realized they needed an income so now worked at a hostel.

I’m being really sassy, and to be honest, everyone we met at Slumber Party was welcoming and the hostel was well-run. I think it was the vibe in Krabi as a whole that rubbed us the wrong way – westerners and western-targeted restaurants as far as the eye could see and the feet could walk. All the food and fares were moderately more expensive than all previous destinations, and the people frequenting them? None of them Thai.

But the beaches? Were. Beautiful. Never before have I had the opportunity to jump into the open ocean, climb a rope ladder up a rock, fail to actually climb onto the rock and belly flop accidentally back into the ocean.


The water was a deep dark blue and the sunset was a sublime yellow/gold/orange with gray silhouettes of butts, we watched its slow descent perched at the tip of our privately chartered boat, the soft breeze moving our salty hair and drying our skin.



Despite the tourism and the prices and the slumber partying, the beauty is as yet untouched, and I hope to goodness that is how it stays.