Seoul food

Bulgogi at the bottom, with a spread of condiments across the center, and soju-branded water bottle: stage right



A few days delayed, but I’d like to document my lame puns and eatery experiences from the 12 hours I spent in Incheon and Seoul en route to the motherland this past weekend. Though the thought of a 12 hour layover about keeled my mother over (girl? alone? Korea?) I had the BEST time in a country I never even quite considered as a destination. But my faux pas was proven wrong by the food (hot things to defrost frozen noses), the kind people, and the fascinating mashup of culture.

I took a prescribed “Seoul City Tour” organized by an airport tourism agency, led by the verbose “Mr. Bob”. Yes sir, I do believe that is your given name. We were led through a (really cold) palace, a (really cold) temple, and ended up in the (really cold) shopping district of Insadong, where were served a (really warm) and delicious meal.

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