About Alimentarily:

In the pursuit of nourishment or sustenance

I began just really wanting to be a food blogger. Growing up in an Indian (Marathi) household, most of my young life has revolved around the intricate human relationships that develop around food. I’ve written college essays about it, committed one too many table faux pas whilst devouring dessert, and developed a complicated relationship with it all when I discovered dining halls and worked against body dysmorphia.

Throughout, I’ve discovered it’s power: to convey emotion, forge relationships, and establish tradition.

But food isn’t the only thing that nourishes — so do a piece of sky, a nap in the grass, involvement in unexpected communities.

I found this as I began to see the world: Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Spain, Morocco, Mexico and more). So my definition of Alimentarily has stretched to include the discovery of nourishment of all kinds : physical, gastric, mental, and spiritual.

Here is where I record what I find.

(All content and pictures written/taken/uploaded/loved by yours truly)

About me: Bay Area born, USC edumacated, enthusiast of many things (yoga, anything a la mode, mint tea, any and all fruit, BrainPickings, etc.) My name is Shalaka.

You can find my professional portfolio at shalakagole.com. This one’s just for fun, but I work too!

Currently in: Mumbai/Bombay, Maharashtra, India


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog and I love the way you write and your adventures. It gives me major wanderlust. I really hope to do what you did one day, this whole trip and all. Was this a special program at USC? Because I don’t have any 7 month travel abroad programs.


    • Hi Ciara! First of all, thanks so much for the blog love, it means so much to me to hear that. Regarding travel: I just got super lucky and stacked a few programs, along with some travel on my own dollar – so it was an internship program through USC, self-funded travel, a semester exchange through USC, and self-funded travel. But its so doable, you just have to look for weird and random ways for people to give you money for it! Esp. as a univ. student, you can apply to a lot of odd scholarships, if you do a little digging. If you’d like more specifics, shoot me an email 🙂 Gole at usc dot edu


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