morocco woman

Its International women’s day today. It may be another Facebook tag or silly reason to post a selfie, but I thought about it for half a second, and was kind of overwhelmed.

Its been a crazy semester ~ I’ve blinked and all of a sudden, I’ve been back for 3 months, I’ve been running the race and not even really realized it. (If all of life passes this quickly, no thank you!)

I would not be here, charging through it, without: the amazingly chill residents of the lil yellow haus, the foodship women scattered about the globe, my badass coworkers who do more in each day than most humans do in a week, the unbelievably intelligent women in Code the Change, the ones who plan impromptu desert excursions, the ones that create art spaces, the ones that write beautiful prose, the ones that exude empathy, the ones that invite me into their family’s small home space and call it ours, the ones that give me a passing arm squeeze as our only weekly interaction.

I am continuously inspired, awed, motivated, and held up by the ladies around me. I am continuously grateful for their continued presence in my life.

And today, just a little bit more.

(Photo taken in Essaoira, Morocco)


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