link love // spots of light on the interwebz

from the first weekend in Taipei, as I near the last

I dabble the internet in my day sometimes. Here’s what I’ve found to be lovable ~

The Trouble with Everything – Radiolab. A creation story/love story/ science of the multiverse all wrapped together and delivered in a slick radio package because podcasts are the new black but also green and pink.

“We invented lipstick, vaccines, pilates, solar panels, interventions, table manners, firearms, window treatments, therapy, birth control, tailgating, status symbols, palimony, sportsmanship, focus groups, zoloft, sunscreen, landscaping, cessnas, fortune cookies, chemotherapy, convenience foods, and computers. ” – Jenny Hollowell

Orientation. A description of American office culture. Tongue in cheek and depressing and hilarious and drab all at once. recommend not reading, but listening to the NPR This American Life production instead.

John Steinbeck on falling in love. ‘Nuff said. One of my favorite describers of things in matter of fact ways.

A friend writing about her Kilimanjaro journey. Tbh, first i was a little jealous of how she was writing for huffpost. And then i read it, and realized *why* she was writing for huffpost. personal fave, a letter to the serengeti.

Modern Love. All of these. Mothers and daughters, Tinder, forbidden, all the kinds, all the ways, all the NYTimes signature class.

Type A Minus. Because I aspire to be. And also the ladies that run the Man Repeller are #womencrusheveryday worthy.


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