humpday: dreaming of green

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Today is a Wednesday in cubicle land. It is that point in the afternoon where a 7-11 chocolate run is imminent. Some days I enjoy sitting on my butt all day in front of a computer, but its only when a) I have made a chocolate run, and b) I have updated my Spotify selection so I don’t listen to John Mayer for the 15000th time. Though worse things have occurred.

Things I miss from the weekend: the outside. forestry. waffles. walking. sweat. a 12-person sleepover in a far-too-clean hostel room.

Things I like about today: The rain. Cold noodles with peanut sauce for lunch (and no pork for once). Endless cups of green tea. Finding the perfect Helvetica replacement for your powerpoint because goshdarnit why does a font cost over $1000 to install on a computer?!

Things I am looking forward to: Spending a weekend in Taipei City itself. Both days. More waffles. More greenery.

Things I can’t believe: We have been living in Taipei for well over a month. You know, 30-something days. I still can only barely ask for the bathroom. I understand that when someone says “mayo” it means they don’t have. Mayo or otherwise. Lunch costs about $2. Boba costs $1. I am an avid boba fan now.

And that is all. Above, pictures of Bitan, a southeastern section of Taipei City where we ventured a month ago. (*%#!?)


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