Homeless, bagless, damp (but happy)


Welcome back to my unedited, gratuitous musings. This time, coming to you from the tropical lushness of Taipei Taiwan, the first stop in a 7 month journey about this globe.

(For the uninitiated, for this first leg, I am a part of the USC Global Fellows program which assigns a group of students to various summer intern positions in Asian metropolii [is that the plural of metropolis…] I will then be traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and then Spain for a semester in the fall!)

Before I embarked on this lil journey, I decided to twist the message of this baby food blog into something that could apply to a greater purpose and challenge me to see things from an unusual perspective. Therefore, welcome to Alimentarily, a documentation of my search for nourishment across country lines (be that spiritual, relationship-al, cultural, or gastric)

When I thought challenge, I didn’t mean like a real life challenge though, I was thinking more like an Eat-Pray-Love kind of cute little let me daintily prance over this puddle of a challenge. Ofc the universe had slightly different ideas.

So I write to you after a day spent traipsing about the Songshan Nanjing district, slightly homeless, completely possession-free, and moderately damp (and nonetheless loving the place)

Our flights got in at 6 am, and I disembarked after befriending my seat-mate who thoughtfully nudged me to use the bathroom every time I fell asleep, but made up for it by inviting me (and my 14 other Global Fellows) to his home for a meal during our stay in Taiwan. He also helped to translate a harried and fun conversation with the baggage agent about how there were no more bags coming out to claim, but mine were nowhere to be found (?!?!)

So that’s bagless. China Air *thinks* they’re still in San Francisco, and I *think* I’d like some deodorant *asap* so send positive bag vibes out into the world for me!

Upon arrival at our charming hotel, they piled our stuff in a corner of the slick lobby and kindly informed us that we could come back to check into our rooms in 7 hours. Oh. Thanks. So that’s loosely homeless. Fortunately our privileged booty’s scooted us around the district as we discovered that there are more 7-11’s in Taipei than lululemons at USC, and tropical rain feels amazing.

Had lunch at a cute lil buffet place, chased it down with the city’s famous boba, and am now sitting freshly showered, already worn out, and wearing newly bought underwear (TMI? sorry bout it.) Bonus points cuz the vendor woman was unbelievably sweet AND told me I was pretty post 14 hour plane journey and sweaty from tropical storming (albeit was after I bought her wares).

Feeling unexplicably upbeat about all the situations, because we just moved into a hotel to live in for the next two months (on USC’s dolla, holla), Taiwan is beautiful, and boba costs $1. #nourishment

And that is Shalaka in Taiwan, Day 1.


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