of or relating to food, sustenance, and nourishment

IMG_0018-1 I can’t say HOW excited I am to be typing this right now HELLO WORLD. It’s like a different way of living now. My name is Shalaka. I am a student living, working, learning, loving in the Los Angeles area. Welcome to Alimentarily : a way to record my forays into feeding myself in a grown up, responsible way (just say no to ramen). I get it from my Indian mother: there are not many hours in a day that pass in which I don’t think about food to some capacity. Planning my grocery list and dreading the mile-long bike ride back from Ralphs with 300 lbs of produce slung over my shoulders. Perusing my favorite cookie makers and stir fryers websites. Convincing my family I eat real food via Google Video. Doing dishes. Planning outings to bougie brunches and hip burger joints. Food represents love, obligation, culture, custom, routine, adventure, and so many more things that I hope to discover on this journey. But I digress Because there are more important things to discuss. Like flourless chocolate cake for two (for dinner) ((at midnight)) (((with your favorite Ida-joon roommate))) IMG_0020-1 We decided that the first day of finals studying needed to be broken up with some baking. We? I? I don’t remember the details now. Dark chocolate, in the form of giant slab from Fresh and Easy labeled ‘Big Hunk’ is a pantry staple. Eggs are our apartment’s main food group. Cake was to be had! Raspberry sauce was to be made without a recipe! Vanilla ice cream was to be found in the fridge! Finals were to be forgotten. Shout out to Jennifer McHenry of Bake or Break for the fantastic recipe. Only modification I made was to use less precise measuring devices, eating a spoonful of raw batter and decreasing cooking time to about 17 minutes. For the raspberry sauce, follow your heart! Only slightly kidding. If your heart doesn’t feel particularly adventurous try this:

  1. Melt 2 heaped tsp. of granulated sugar in 4 tbsp. of water, stirring until dissolved
  2. Add 1/3 c of fresh or frozen raspberries, cook on medium heat for 10 minutes or desired thickness of sauce has been reached
  3. Eat with a spoon, burning your tongue in the process


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